The Austrian company Cosmoterra Ernährungsberatungs-GmbH was founded in the mid-1990s. The main reason for the foundation of Cosmoterra was the dynamic change in our living- and dietary habits, which increasingly concerns our well being and the health of our children, friends, acquaintances and family.

sonnenblume In the last 50 years the industrialization has changed our lives more than the last 2000 years. The many advantages and comforts, which our high-tech world brings, are in contrast to the disadvantages. Pollutants in the air, water, nutrition, a higher noise level, smog, ozone, UV-radiation and many more stress related factors bring a never before seen challenge for each of us. But what shall we do?

sonnenblume The world health organization defines „health“ as „… a state of physical, spiritual and material well being and not the exemption from illness…”. After this definition only some of us can say, that they are really healthy.

sonnenblume Cosmoterra was founded with the purpose to educate people factually about nutritional research questions. A central content our work is to show the connection between the wrong (and right) eat- and drink habits for our mental and physical well being. Because of the increasing change of our food this is not a static but a guidable, dynamic process for us. Permanent research- and development as well as cooperation with recognised research institutes are the base of responsibility for our employees.